1. The Awesome Bureaucratic Hell by Elena Fedina. A first attempt in modular storytelling.

  2. Sleep by Snoother. An intimate dream recreated for the Ludum Dare Jam.

  3. in the sunlight, a twine environment made by katie rose pipkin / audio from gweniver rhy

  4. The Spare Set (www.shelter.org.uk/twine), a Twine game by the UK housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

  5. stone valley at midnight by kevin mcgowan

  6. The Unfinished Country

    by Phantom Williams


  7. Vigil. By Jodediah Holems

  8. Reins (v2.0) by Canti

  9. Fallout: Vault 17 by Snoother. Made for the MiniLD 50.